Characteristic of Potassium Nitrate Based Solid Rocket Propellant
Mohammad Nazri Mohd Ja'afar, Wan Khairuddin Wan Ali, Rizalman Mamat
Universiti Technologi Malaysia, Malaysia
July 2002

"Abstract:  An investigation of potassium nitrate and sucrose (KS) as solid rocket propellant has been carried out.  The propellant was produced using press-moulding method and tested in a rocket motor to obtain its performance charactristics.  The rocket motor was used to investigate the pressure exponent and index of the propellant.  From the experiment, it was found that the pressure index and pressure exponent of the propellant are 0.3 and 1.5*10(-4)m(squared)s/kn (0.09 ft(squared)sec/lb) respectively.  When tested using 100 grams of propellant, the maximum thrust produced by the propellant was 238 N while the burning rate of KS propellant is 0.726 cm/s.  By comparing the performance of the propellant produced by Industrial Solid Propulsion Inc., the propellant produced can be used to power a small projectile at velocities greater than 183 m/s (600 ft/sec) underwater."

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