Model Rocket Motors
Made with Rcandy

A video montage

Please note that all temperatures are in Farenheit unless stated otherwise.

  1.  Intro - Overview of the procedure and the product.  (7 meg .wmv file, 35 seconds playtime)
  2.  Propellant - Making a small batch of propellant in the electric skillet  (59 meg .wmv file, 8:59 playtime)
  3.  Casing & Nozzle - Rammed Bentonite clay.  No Bentonite?  Get some!  (29 meg .wmv file, 4:26 playtime)
  4.  Grain - Molding of an uninhibited, core-burning propellant grain using a section of motor tube as the mold  (37 meg .wmv file, 6:01 playtime)
  5.  Fuse paper - A simple pyrogen.  Cheap, easy, and it works.  (17 meg .wmv file, 4:11 playtime)
  6.  Assembly - Insert propellant grain, glue in header grain.  Here are a few tricks for making it work well.  (49 meg .wmv file, 7:31 seconds playtime)
  7.  Sealup - Since this propellant is hygroscopic, the motors must be sealed tightly.  Aluminum foil duct tape does the trick. (29 meg .wmv file, 4:39 playtime)
  8.  Launch! - A few silly launches, just to show that these motors actually work.  (22 meg .wmv file, 1:56  playtime)
  9.  Rolling tubes - Posterboard and PVA wood glue, rolled around a 1/2 inch dowel, dried for a couple of days.  (64 meg .wmv file, 5:32  playtime)
10.  Cutting tubes - These tubes are tough, and can be difficult to cut without the right tools and technique. (96 meg .wmv file, 5:47  playtime)

Jimmy Yawn
rev 3/30/09