Static Test Analysis Videos

001 - Capture thrust curve data from WinDAQ file (90 meg .wmv file, 7:07 playtime)
002 - Import thrust curve data into Excel analysis spreadsheet (85 meg .wmv file, 6:43 playtime)
003 - Analyze Motor.  Determine Total Thrust, Average Thrust, Burn Time, ISP (57 meg .wmv file, 5:37 playtime)
004 - Secondary Analysis - Estimate of case pressure, Nozzle throat regression (44 meg .wmv file, 4:20 playtime)
005 - Video analysis - a check on the reality of this test.  (58 meg .wmv file, 5:55  playtime)
006 - Kn calculators - spreadsheets for calculating Kn for BATES and uninhibited grains  (26 meg .wmv file, 1:46  playtime)

Click Here to open the spreadsheet used in these videos.  

I recommend right-click on the link for a file, select "Save As..." and put it on your hard drive somewhere.  
These large HD video files will likely play better from a hard drive than streaming from the web.

More to come!

Jimmy Yawn